Tablet Challenge Week 1

Ok, so it has only been 2 days and not a full week, but this is a good time to reflect on the tablet challenge.

It has been both easier and harder than I expected. The first day was rough. I started working in the lobby space away from my desk to get some new perspective. I got a lot of comments and questions about what I was doing and why wasn’t I working from my desk.  But it only lasted an hour.  I needed to manipulate a Word doc and I didn’t  feel I had the time to download a program to assist me in doing that. So, I went to my desk and worked the rest of the day with two screens open. I felt like I was being torn in two as I whizzed from one device to the other. I found myself pressing the screen of my laptop and wondering why the curser did not move. I think having 2 email apps open created problems and both the laptop and then the tablet stopped responding.  I did my first web conference on the tablet, but then used my laptop for the big preso I needed to make at the end of the day. I rationalized that I needed to run the slide deck and I did not yet have Keynote loaded. I think that was a good rationalization.

Today I decided to take a new tactic.  I tried to concentrate on all the work I could do on my tablet especially the areas where the tablet was just better, easier and faster. The sweet spot I found was using Salesforce Chatter to respond and post internally and posting to LinkedIn and Twitter externally.  It is actually a joy to move files and links onto social and Twitter is effortless. I downloaded the Hootsuite Ipad app and it is fantastic.

Surprisingly, WordPress is easier to manipulate (eg. curser keeps up with typing better and spellcheck works real-time) although as soon as I typed that it froze up on me a bit.

Basically,it is too early to tell how this will go. Printing is going to be impossible, that is already apparent, but if I can get some rudimentary document manipulation apps, I will possibly have everything I need.  I want to get into some of the workplace engineering aspects of this mobile technology challenge, but it is clear I need to sort out a few technical things first and then I will be able to say much more on that.

This week I did Friday Freestyle in the lobby…pretty exotic, eh?  I promise next week my Twitter photo for Freestyle Friday will be more interesting.


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